Our Mission

LPL Alliance is a coalition of Livingston Parish community members whose mission is to support and amplify the work of the Livingston Parish Library system. Members live, learn and work in the parish and recognize the importance of preserving the freedom of the library to provide services to all patrons no matter their ethnicity, religion, gender identity, education status, political affiliation, socioeconomic status or any other diversity of life and thought. 

The LPL Alliance is opposed to censorship in any form and will stand with the Livingston Parish Library, its director and staff to voice our support of their expertise and understanding of collection management and the library sciences. The Library has a formal challenge request policy that concerned patrons can submit. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about this policy or any other library policy to visit https://www.mylpl.info/about-us/library-policies.


The LPL Alliance understands that community members hold strong opinions and beliefs, but the targeting and defamation of individuals will not be tolerated. We will support all LPL Alliance members as well as Livingston Parish Library system employees facing harassment or defamation.


Email: LPLibraryAlliance@gmail.com