Speaking at the Capitol

Did you know you can show up at the legislative committee hearings? Below you will find tips on what to do.  You can fill out a card to speak to the committee, OR you can fill out a card voicing opposition and choose not to speak.  This requires you to show up and have your opposition noted in public record, but you do not have to speak out loud. Either is a good way to stand up for our public libraries. When it is time for these bills to be in committee, we will let you know, via our social media pages, if someone from LPLA will be there.  We will set up a meeting point if you would like to join us on days we attend. 

Speaking To the Legislature

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Citizens Guide
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Your Legislators want to know your thoughts.

To register support or opposition...

(This information  is from the Citizens' Guide to House Committe Meetings)

These Witness Cards are available in the committee room and overflow rooms on the witness tables. Carefully read, fill out, and sign the back of the witness card. Your signature is an oath that you will tell the truth. If you wish to speak, please check the appropriate box on the card. Please return completed cards to the designated staff member or sergeant-at-arms.

Important Note: You must fill out a separate card for each bill you are supporting or opposing.

Your oral and written comments and positions stated on the cards are important and become part of the permanent public record.

(This information  is from the Citizens' Guide to House Committe Meetings)