Combatting Falsehoods

The next time you hear someone say there are sexually explicit materials in children’s sections of our library (which is not true), here are some suggestions:

1. Ask this person to give you a title of an actual book. Look it up for yourself on the library’s catalog here: You can see for yourself that their claim is false. Then YOU don’t have to perpetuate the rumor and can stop it in its tracks. 

2. Ask yourself if they have a hidden motive. Once you can prove their claims are false to them, and they continue to spread the lie, ask yourself why. You’d be amazed at how many people simply want to spread lies, even if they know it’s not true. That’s called chasing clout. They want to feel important. 

3. See if they or a family member is running for office. Are they just jumping on the bandwagon of using the library as a punching bag to stir up drama so they can say they will swoop in and save the day from said fake drama? This is called pandering for votes.

4. They might need attention because something is missing in their life. Be a good friend. Invite them to lunch and then swing by the library to pick up free books, magazines, movies, or music for checkout. The library also contains self-help books! 

5. Ask your friendly neighborhood librarian using this form ( OR email the alliance and we will help prove it for you!

Special notes: The Attorney General’s report lists 10 books he does not like and claims they are sexually explicit. Of those 10, our library only has 3 of those titles. ALL 3 are in the ADULT section. If they aren’t your cup of tea, then don’t check them out. If you don’t want your kids to see them, don’t let YOUR kids in the adult section. Problem solved.